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Physics Laboratory (02)

A total of 40 students can carry out their practical experiments in each of the Physics labs which are housed in the Science block. The related instruments/apparatus held in the labs are adequate and in working condition. The labs have safe almirahs for security of equipment. One of the labs caters to the needs of IX and X classes where as the second lab is for XI and XII classes.
Chemistry Laboratory (02)

Each of the lab is well equipped to cater to 40 students who can comfortably carry out their specialized chemistry experiments like volumetric /salt analysis etc using the required apparatus/chemicals. The gas, water and lighting arrangements are adequate. One of the labs caters to the needs of IX and X classes whereas the second lab is for XI and XII classes.
Biology Laboratory (02)

Both the Biology labs are well equipped with latest models and charts which are helpful to the students of IX to XII classes. The general lay out and equipment inside the lab is appreciated by all since it also has good lighting, water and ventilation arrangements.
Social Science Laboratory

The Social Science Lab has requisite ambience with no dearth of teaching aids. The students take keen interest in preparation of good working models.
Mathematics Laboratory

The lab caters to the needs of all the students. The latest models of “Abacus” are very helpful in counting of large numbers. Besides, graphs and charts are also available which help in practicing of number lines, integers, rational/irrational numbers etc. Maths lab has adequate instruments to conduct different practical of classes IX to XII.
Music Room (02)

There is a well equipped music room having sufficient musical instruments where students are getting regularly training.