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Inter-House Badminton Competition was organised at Chetak Sports Complex from 10 May 2022 to 21 May 2022. The students from all the four houses enthusiastically participated in the competition under Sub Jr., Jr. and Sr. categories for both boys and girls. A total of 72 participants represented their houses in the competition. It was a display of exertion and high sportsmanship.
VI-VIII (Boys) VI-VIII (Girls)
1. Pratap 1. Pratap
2. Ashoka 2. Ashoka
3. Akbar 3. Akbar

IX-XII (Girls) IX-XII (Boys)
1. Ashoka 1. Pratap
2. Shivaji 2. Akbar
3. Pratap 3. Ashoka

IV-V (Boys) IV-V (Girls)
1. Akbar 1. Shivaji
2. Shivaji 2. Ashoka
3. Pratap 3. Akbar

Mother's Day

“A mother's love cannot be measured,
It's a brilliant gem to be treasured”
A beautiful assembly was conducted by Class V-K and X-F on Mother’s Day. The assembly began with morning prayer followed by poem and news. The poem was recited by the student of V-K to accentuate the importance of mother in the life of a child. An Inter-House Singing Competition was conducted in the assembly. The assembly concluded with the national anthem.
To mark student’s understanding about the importance of Mother’s day or to show their feelings for their mother, a card making activity was conducted at Army Public School Bathinda for Class III and IV. The students participated enthusiastically. A video was shared on mother’s day.

Labour's Day

"A worker is a creator and a great asset to every nation"
1st May of every year is celebrated as Labour's day. A special assembly was conducted by students of Class V J and X D to sensitize students with the efforts put in by the supporting staff. The assembly began with the morning prayer followed by news. A thoughtful play depicting the hard work of labour was enacted by the students. A poem was recited by the students of Class V J regarding the plight of the labour class. Some fun games were organized for the supporting staff. The felicitation of supporting staff was conducted by the Hon’ble Chairman Sir. The assembly concluded with the national anthem.A poem recitation competition was organised for Class II and Class V on the theme Labour's day.
Result of poem recitation competition
Ist position- Ayan Alam V C
IInd position- Vanya V A
IIIrd position- Tejash Keshri V I


A seminar was organized for the students of class XII on ‘JOINING INDIAN ARMY’. Col. Kim Praag addressed the students and motivated them to join Indian Army. More than sixty students from class XII attended the seminar and found it fruitful and interesting.


A special assembly was conducted by Class II E students on AWES Raising Day. Students performed dance and recited poems. A Special talk was delivered by Ankita Singla to apprise and sensitize the students about the formation of AWES to cater the need of educating the children of Army personnel. Besides, she also spoke on the topics like “Joining NDA as a Career” and choosing Professional Colleges run by AWES. All the teachers took a pledge to be fully committed to the great mission of teaching by providing ‘Quality Education’ to the students. The principal felicitated Sascha Kandpal (Special need student) of Class II A for winning medal in golf tournament (under 8) category. A special assembly was conducted on 29 April to mark AWES raising day by the students of X D and V I. The assembly began with AWES song. The students enacted a play to demonstrate the importance of AWES in the life of an army brat. A speech was delivered by Akansha Chandra of class X D on AWES raising day. There was a Taekwondo demonstration by Mr Tarun and his team. The assembly concluded with national anthem.


A Planter makeover activity was conducted for the students of class III and class VII on the theme ‘Earth Day’. The students brought used bottles, boxes etc. and turned them into beautiful planters. Among class III students, Tamanna, R.V. Sidharth and Anuradha got first second and third position respectively. The students of Class 2 took the responsibility to plant more trees with the help of their teachers on this day.From class VII Alok Kumar Singh, Sakshi Kumari and Urjja secured first second and third position respectively.


Sports do not build character but reveal it. Keeping with the same, an Inter-House Football league was organized from 19 April to 30 April. Boys from all the categories that is Sub Jr. (IV-V), Jr. (VI-VII) and Sr. (IX-XII) participated with full enthusiasm. All the house teams tried to outshine one another on the field to prove their mettle.

Class IV - V
1st: Shivaji House
2nd: Akbar House
3rd: Pratap House

Class VI- VIII
1st: Akbar House
2nd:Ashoka House
3rd: Shivaji House

Class IX - XII
1st: Pratap House
2nd: Akbar House
3rd: Shivaji House

FAREWELL 2021-22

A farewell was organised to bid adieu to class XII (2021-22). The event started with lamp lighting ceremony followed by various performances of class XII (2022-23). Fun-filled games were conducted for the students. Based on the interaction and also the talent exhibited, Master Surender Singh of class XII Arts and Miss Harshi Mishra of class XII Sci B were adjudged as Master and Miss APS


A special assembly was conducted by the students of XII-A on the occasion of harvest festival
Vaisakhi. The assembly began with Morning Prayer followed by news of the day. It was
followed by prize distribution ceremony. Punjabi dance was performed by the students of class
XII-A proceeded by a short speech and poem on the importance of Vaisakhi. It was followed
by Punjabi folk dance giddha by the students of primary wing and concluded with the National

Special Assembly for the new Session 2022-23

“The most important day of a child’s education is the first day of school”
Special assembly was conducted by the students of XII Comm. and V-A to begin the new session. Assembly began with the Gayatri Mantra followed by thought, news, group song ,motivational talk and a skit. Skit was enacted by the students of Class V-A and XII Comm. with the theme “online and offline classes”. The Principal addressed and welcomed the students with her motivational speech. The assembly concluded with national anthem.